Each year we produce a small number of hatchlings of various forms of Mexicana-group kingsnakes (refer to list below). These will not be offered for sale until well established and feeding voluntarily on frozen/thawed pink mice. In some cases, this means that individual snakes will not be available until the following spring. Occasionally, we will also offer for sale juvenile or adult snakes that are not needed for our breeding groups. We do not accept deposits on future offspring. However, if you wish to be on our email notification list as new animals become available, please let us know (sierraherps@gmail.com). We also establish waiting lists for some of the harder-to-find species, and recommend putting your name on a list. Email us at sierraherps@gmail.com for pricing and availability, or to be added to a wait list. 

Gray-Banded Kingsnake (L. alterna) – Hueco Mountains

Gray-Banded Kingsnake (L. alterna) – Black Gap

Gray-Banded Kingsnake (L. alterna) – River Road

Gray-Banded Kingsnake (L. alterna) – West Alpine

Gray-Banded Kingsnake (L. alterna) – Christmas Mountains

Nuevo Leon Kingsnakes (L. leonis, aka “thayeri”) – Melanistic 

Nuevo Leon Kingsnakes (L. leonis, aka “thayeri”) – White-line

Nuevo Leon Kingsnakes (L. leonis, aka “thayeri”) – Wild-type

Durango Mountain Kingsnakes (L. greeri) – Rancho Santa Barbara

San Luis Potosí Kingsnakes (L. mexicana) – "Ultra Granite"

San Luis Potosí Kingsnakes (L. mexicana) – "Black Phase"

Ruthven's Kingsnakes (L. ruthveni) –  Amealco (Querétaro) and Tapalpa (Jalisco)

Baja Mountain Kingsnakes (L. zonata agalma) – Although not featured on this website, we do produce a small number of very high quality Sierra Juarez hatchlings each year. All are aggressive feeders on unscented, thawed pink mice, and are easy to raise. They make a spectacular addition to the collection of any Lampropeltis enthusiast. If you are interested in agalma, contact us to be added to the waiting list, which currently runs 2-3 years.





Shipping: Our animals are shipped in insulated boxes (with heat or cold packs as necessary) via Priority Overnight using Fedex. Someone must be available to receive the package. We recommend shipping directly to a Fedex Ship Center, if one is located near you, and held for customer pickup. This can be especially helpful during hot weather. Consider making your shipping dollars go farther by purchasing more than one animal; the shipping cost is the same whether you purchase one hatchling or a trio! 

Payment: We accept all major credit cards (through Paypal) as well as standard transfers using Paypal, personal checks, or money orders. We can also set up payment plans as needed.

Purchase: Please confirm availability by contacting us via email (sierraherps@gmail.com), and provide shipping address and phone number. You will be advised of ship date (we only ship early in the week) and tracking number. We ask that you send an email to confirm safe arrival of your new animal/s.