March 2014 Updated the Resources page to include additional sources for flashlights and discount bulk batteries.
February 2014

Added two new field images, courtesy of Andrew Godambe, to the Leonis Gallery.  

Added new entries to the Bibliography page:

Merker & Merker (2014) - husbandry of L. alterna

Powell et al. (1998, 2012) - keys to the herpetofauna of the U.S.

January 2014

Added new entry to the Bibliography page:

Ramírez-Bautista et al. (2010) - Checklist of the herpetofauna of Hidalgo

December 2013

Added new entries to the Bibliography page:

Arbuckle (2010) - phylogenetic survey of mimicry in snakes

Beltz (1995, 2006) - origins of scientific names and describers

Burbrink & Myers (2013) - diversification of N American snakes

Collins (1997) - checklist of N American species

Collins & Taggart (2002, 2009) - checklist of N American species

Couvillon (2011) - herpetofaunal inventory of Indio Mountains

Crother (2000, 2008, 2012) - checklist of N American species

Hubbs (2013) - new book (Harmless Snakes of the West)

Liner (1994) - checklist of Mexican species

Liner & Casas-Andreu (2008) - checklist of Mexican species

Rossi & Rossi (2003) - captive husbandry

Ruane (2013) - dissertation re: Lampropeltis triangulum complex

Ruane et al. (2013) - phylogeny of Lampropeltis groups

Schmidt (1953) - checklist of N American herpetofauna (US only)

Stejneger & Barbour (1917, 1923, 1933) - checklists of N American herpetofauna (US only)

Switak (1970, 1984) - booklets on care and life history of desert reptiles

Tennant et al. (2000) - snakes of eastern/central US

Webb (1984) - pdf added

Wrobel (2004) - dictionary of reptile species

Updated the Taxonomy page to include a summary of the findings of Ruane et al. (2013)

Updated the Alterna Gallery by adding  3 specimens from Nuevo Leon (the only 3 known from that state), plus 1 new specimen image from Coahuila. Photos courtesy of Joe Forks, Chris Harrison, and Gerry Salmon.

October 2013

Added several new images, courtesy of David Barker, to the Alterna Gallery (Christmas Mountains, River Road, Langtry, Hwy 277, and Juno Road), as well as new material in the Greeri Gallery, Leonis Gallery, and Mexicana Gallery.

Added new entries to the Bibliography page:

Bartlett & Bartlett (2013) - New Mexico field guide

Kemnitz & Kruse (1986) - field work in Durango

Valdez Lares et al. (2013) - checklist of Durango herps

September 2013 Added 2 new images to the Alterna Gallery from Coahuila, Mexico, courtesy of Joe Forks. Added some discussion of pattern variation to the alterna species account.
August 2013

Added new images of field-collected snakes from Aguascalientes to the Greeri Gallery, courtesy of Rubén Carbajal.

Added 2 new images to the Alterna Gallery in the Sanderson and Langtry galleries.

Added 2 new entries to the Bibliography page:

Rossi & Rossi (1992) - use of geckos as snake food

Schmidt & Smith (1944) - Big Bend area herps

23 June 2013

Added 2 new images to the Alterna Gallery: snakes from Pinto Canyon, Chinati Mountains, Presidio Co., Texas

Added 2 new entries to the Bibliography page:

Pyron & Burbrink (2012) - New World ratsnakes phylogeny

Pyron et al. (2013) - updated phylogeny of Squamata

14 June 2013

Added 2 new entries to the Bibliography page:

Rausch & Phillips (2013) - Raising hatchling L. mexicana

Wilson et al. (2013) - Conservation of Mexican reptiles

Added 2 new images to the Alterna Gallery (Howard Draw and Hwy 277 / Loma Alta)

04 April 2013

Added 4 new entries to the Bibliography page:

Raun & Gehlbach (1972) - Texas snakes

Smith (1943) - Mexican collections

Smith & Taylor (1950) - Type localities for Mexican species

Trumbower (2012) - Popular look at snake hunting

16 March 2013

Added 4 new entries to the Bibliography page:

Dixon (1987, 2000, 2013)

Dixon and Werler (2000)

12 January 2013

Added 7 new entries to the Bibliography page:

Hornig (2012) - Lampropeltis alterna popular magazine article

Contreras-Lozano et al. (2010) - Nuevo Leon

Lazcano et al. (2007) - Nuevo Leon

Lazcano et al. (2009 - two papers) - Nuevo Leon

Gray (2011) - Survey of apical pits in N American snakes

Carbajal-Marquez et al. (2012) - First record of predation on L. greeri

Hernandez Arciga (2012) - L. mexicana in Guanajuato

2 December 2012 Added 3 new habitat images for Lampropeltis leonis in the Coahuila gallery, from a collection site near the Coahuila-Nuevo Leon border, courtesy of Gerry Salmon.
21 October 2012

Updated Available Animals page for Durango Mountain Kingsnakes and Plateau Mountain Kingsnakes.

Added the following publications to the Bibliography page with assistance from Gerry Salmon and Alan Tennant:

Begley and Hager (1981) - Newsweek article on wildlife poaching

Contreras et al. (1995) - Nuevo Leon herps

Milstead et al. (1950) - better quality pdf added to existing entry.

Phillips (1934) - Thayer biography

Tennant (1982) - article on field herping

27 September 2012 Updated Available Animals page for San Luis Potosí Kingsnakes and the Specials page to include Baja Mountain Kingsnake 2012 hatchlings.
30 July 2012 Added one new image to the Greeri Gallery—a wild-caught snake from Aguascalientes, courtesy of Ivan Villalobos.
29 July 2012 Updated Available Animals page for Nuevo Leon Kingsnakes and added offerings under Specials.
26 July 2012 Updated Alterna Gallery to include a number of new images of wild-caught Texas animals. Specific galleries are Alpine, Davis Mountains, River Road, and Sanderson. Thanks to Doug Beckwith, Colin Smith, Gary Swinford, Chad Whitney, Tim Burkhardt, and Troy Hibbitts for their contributions.
21 June 2012 Updated Available Animals pages for alterna and leonis.
20 June 2012 Updated Bibliography page, adding entries for Lassiter (2012), Pfennig & Mullen (2010), and Rhoads & Salmon (2012). Updated the Resources page to include a video link for Gerry Salmon's lecture at Sanderson Snake Days (June 2012).
25 March 2012 Updated Bibliography page, adding an entry for Price et al. (2012) reporting a new record for Lampropeltis alterna from Mexico. Updated the Resources page to include a new listing for WeatherSpark.com.
08 January 2012 Updated Bibliography page, adding an entry for Prestridge et al. (2011) concerning the herp trade in Texas, as well as Hoover (1998) regarding legal export of reptiles from the U.S.
12 December 2011 Updated Bibliography page, adding entries for Flores et al. (2010) and Lavín-Murcio & Lazcano (2010). Updated Resources page, adding one vendor (PetFoodDirect.com).
31 July 2011 Updated Bibliography page, adding entries for Dixon & Lemos Espinal (2010) and Lazcano et al. (2010). Updated Resources page, checked every link—updated where needed, deleted dead ones, and added some new resources.
27 July 2011 Updated Available Animals pages for alterna and leonis.
30 May 2011 Available Animals page updated, including addition of a Specials page. Added Greene (1979) to the Bibliography page, and added the full article pdf for Tryon and Murphy (1982).
22 May 2011 Added one new pdf (Hansen et al. 2011) to the Bibliography page, as well as images of the first-ever wild-caught greeri from Nayarit in the Greeri Gallery.
9 April 2011 Site re-launched following construction activities. Updated Available Animals pages. Added captions to all alterna images, as well as uploading new images for most species. Several additions made to the  Bibliography page.
13 April 2010 Major additions to the photo galleries, mostly for alterna, reflecting significant contributions from Gerry Salmon and Michael Price.
13 April 2010 A number of individuals have been added to the Acknowledgments page in appreciation for various contributions, including literature, images, information, or making their live animal collections available for photography: Linda Acker, Frank Burbrink, Terry Heuring, Michael Heyduk, Terry Hibbitts, Jerry Johnson, Gunther Köhler, John Lassiter, Dave Long, Brendan O’Connor, Michael Price, Colin Smith, Richard Worthington.
13 April 2010 We have added over 60 new entries to the Bibliography page, nearly all with pdf links. These are divided among herpetocultural, scientific, and popular articles or books, and range from trivial to substantial.
11 March 2010 Updated Available Animals page.
7 July 2009 New additions to the Bibliography page.

Salmon, G. T., W. F. Holmstrom, Jr., B. W. Tryon, and G. P. Merker. 1997.

Added new links to Resources page under PHOTOGRAPHY:

The Battery Station

New additions to the Bibliography page.

Ernst, C. H., and E. M. Ernst. 2003.

Tennant, A., J. E. Werler, J. E. Forks, G. T. Salmon, A. Sansom, and L. D. Sinclair. 1998.

Tryon, B. W., and R. K. Guese. 1984.


19 May 2009 Added new links to Resources page under MAPS:

Map Coordinate Conversion


Sto-Fen Products
Joby Gorillapod
Medic Batteries
Added three distribution-related notes to the Bibliography page:
Hansen & Bryson (2009)
Hibbitts et al. (2003)
Savage & Hansen (2009)


09 January 2009 Updated the Resources page to reflect new products and websites - WeatherBuffs, SPOT Satellite Messenger and GPS Handheld Units.  See the Resources page for more information.
01 November 2008 Added new photos to the mexicana gallery representing a new locality in Guanajuato. Images include several specimens as well as a new habitat gallery.
17 September 2008 Added new photos to the greeri gallery as well as the ruthveni habitat gallery under the Jiquilpan section.
31 August 2008
Added new images of leonis (plus habitat photos) from our field work in Mexico during July–August 2008.  Two new galleries have been added for leonis collection sites in Nuevo Leon (“Mountains near Ascensión”) and Tamaulipas (“Eastern Flank, Sierra Madre Oriental”). leonis Gallery
Added photos to our greeri Gallery of a specimen collected by Ron Savage in 2007 from a new, northern outpost for this species in Durango.
Added photos to our ruthveni Gallery of several specimens found in 2007 in Querétaro and Guanajuato by Ron Savage.
New entries for the Bibliography page:
Gadsden et al. (2006)
Ingrasci et al. (2008)
Miller (1979)

Added photos to our alterna Gallery of a specimen from a new area in northeastern Durango, as well as two additional specimens from high elevation on the eastern slopes of the Sierra Madre Occidental.


25 May 2008 New links added to the Resources page - Kingsnake.com Graybanded Kingsnake forum, In situ Gear and Fenix Outfitters.
24 May 2008 2 new images added to the leonis gallery
19 May 2008 Several animals are now available on the Available Animals page.
07 Feb 2008 Added one new entry (Conant 1957) to the Related Publications section on the Bibliography page.
23 Jan 2008 Updated the Alterna Photo Gallery to include images of alterna from the Mexican state of Coahuila, as well as a new habitat gallery for the Cuesta La Muralla region.

In the Leonis Gallery, added shots of two wild leonis observed in Nuevo Leon during 2007.

On the Resources page, we added a link to a moon phase calculator, a current rainfall map of Mexico, and a new outlet for maps of various regions of Mexico.


18 Nov 2007 We've added 31 new listings to the Bibliography page, many available as PDF downloads.  Some of these are pretty obscure and only touch on mexicana kingsnakes in a very minor way but are interesting nonetheless.  We also want to call your attention to the fact that Adler et al. (1989. Contributions to the History of Herpetology), a volume out of print and difficult to find, is now available online from SSAR.  The link can be found near the bottom of the Bibliography page under RELATED PUBLICATIONS.  New stuff includes:
Applegate (1992)
Bartlett (1988)
Bartlett & Bartlett (2000, 2002)
Bartlett & Markel (2005)
Bechtel (1995)
Coburn (1991)
David et al. (1994)
De Lisle (1977, 1984)
Dowling et al. (1983, 1990)
Flury (1950)
Greene (1997)
Hakkila (1994)
Hammock & Burghardt (1985)
Lasky (1980)
Markel (1995)
Markel & Bartlett (1995)
Mattison (1988, 1990, 1995)
Murphy et al. (1978)
Retes (1989)
Smith & Smith (1969)
Smith & Taylor (1945)
Tanner (1953)
Taylor (1940)
Trutnau (1986)
Tryon (1979)
Wagner (1980)
Walls (1996)
Zweifel (1952) - addition of PDF file


25 Sept 2007 We’ve added numerous photos to our gallery pages. This includes revamped gallery pages for Gray-Banded Kingsnakes, with 179 new images of alterna, nearly all of which are wild caught. The vast majority of these were contributed by Troy Hibbitts, and we are pleased to be able to share these here. Notable among the new photos are those of two live alterna from the mountains of Durango, Mexico, obtained by our crew during field work in the Sierra Madre Occidental in July 2007.

Other photo additions include field photos of Durango Mountain Kingsnakes and their habitat from the Otinapa region of Durango. These are the result of field work by Tim Burkhardt and Troy Hibbitts during August 2007.


3 Sept 2007 Added several new entries to the Available Animals page.
2 Sept 2007 Added two new entries to the Bibliography page: Applegate (2007);  Lemos Espinal and Smith (2007).

Added new weather map link to the Resources page

Added several other links under "Knowledge" on the Resources page


19 July 2007 Added one new pdf (Dixon et al 1972) to the Bibliography page

Updated available animals page


4 July 2007 Added Painter, C. W., C. L. Hayes, and J. N. Stuart. 2002. Recovery and conservation of the Gray-Banded Kingsnake. See Bibliography page
25 May 2007 Added Bryson, R. W., Jr., J. Pastorini, F. T. Burbrink, and M. R. J. Forstner. 2007. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 43:674-684. See Bibliography page
20 February 2007 Updated distribution page to reflect the addition of Jiquilpan habitat images

New photos added to leonis gallery

15 February 2007 Added habitat and animal images to ruthveni gallery
12 February 2007 Updated available page
8 February 2007 Added PDF - Bryson 2007 to the Bibliography page.
5 February 2007 New photos of DOR webbi added to the gallery

New photo of DOR mexicana added to the gallery, along with a corresponding habitat shot.

Added one new publication (Vermilya & Acuna 2004) to the Bibliography page.

1 February 2007 New photos of wild-caught greeri added to gallery.
31 January 2007 Site launched.